AMC’s Discount Tuesdays are a shockingly good deal that very few people seem to know about. Seeing a movie in NYC can set you back about $16 – $20 a ticket.  But did you know on Tuesdays you can see movies at AMC for $6?

I’m guessing from the number of empty seats at AMC theaters on Tuesday that this is a secret, or perhaps the reason the tickets on Tuesdays are $6.

To get the deal, you have to sign up for their AMC Stubs Insider program. It’s completely free.  

Discount Tuesdays is at every AMC nationwide. And fortunately, there are a lot of AMC theaters all over Manhattan. 

When you book your tickets online, make sure you’re logged into your Stubs insider account. The discount may not appear until you’re on the final transaction page. But don’t panic. It always has. If you want to avoid the additional online fee, you can purchase your ticket directly at the theatre box office. Usually it’s fine right up until the movie, but the lines can get long depending on when you’re seeing the movie, so I suggest buying it beforehand in person if you’re in the area. To buy a ticket at the box office, you show the box office person your stubs insider account number.

On Tuesdays, AMC also offers other deals for Stubs Insider members, like a cameo popcorn with a 21 oz fountain drink or Icee for $5 plus tax.

They charge a little more for IMAX, Prime, 3D and other special formats. But it still comes out to less than the full price. Also, special events like private screenings, Metropolitan Opera screenings, and events generally priced above the standard ticket price aren’t eligible. Also, Discount Tuesdays doesn’t apply from December 22nd – January 2nd.

But it’s a reel deal.

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